No Such Thing as Too Much

June 6, 2014

The recovery process actually starts with your very first interaction with the consumer(s). All of the information that you gather and provide to us at the time of placement is what we use to compile an account and a “profile” in our system and when we have blanks in the accounts, we spend time and money trying to fill them in! However, when an account is missing excessive pieces of crucial information, the recovery process comes to a standstill.

The solution is simple. Ask! In this industry, consumers will rarely tell you what you do not ask for. If your policy is to provide paperwork to consumers before service, make sure you are asking for the right pieces of information and then make sure they complete it! The only thing worse than not asking the right questions, is not taking the time to make sure all questions are answered.

Once a consumer decides to neglect their obligation, they become harder to contact and harder to find. If you have gathered the correct information, then the odds of recovery are much greater and that means more accounts recovered and reduced recovery time!

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