When a consumer answers a call from a collection agency, the conversation can go any number of ways. Having the listening skills to navigate those conversations and achieve a positive outcome is a gift. The importance of these soft skills of listening and discernment are why our company puts so much focus on training agents to be good listeners.

Collection Agents Wear Many Hats: The Counselor

Collectors have a tough job. They are contacting consumers regarding something that is unpleasant: unpaid bills. Listening effectively enables agents to reach the root of the problem. They can then offer possible solutions that can turn a negative call to a positive call. Debt collectors are people too and they are now, more than ever, playing the role of counselor and guide for consumers. They help the people they speak with to reach their goals of managing their finances and reducing their debt.

On a daily basis, our agents contact over 300 consumers. They are having conversations that often end up helping these people with their household budget. These conversations often lead to consumers being able to better manage their finances and being on the road to being debt-free. Of course, our agency works for our clients to recovery their outstanding invoices. But we are also working to help their consumers to see the way out of their situation. Finding resolutions to a consumer’s problems is satisfying for our agents. Having the right listening skills is what leads to these positive interactions. This is why our company puts so much focus on agent training regarding these soft skills.

How Do We Do What We Do? Take a Listen:

Our VP, Bethany Robertson, explained the importance of listening and discernment in her recent podcast with Lex Patterson of Kindred Force Media. Check out Bethany and Lex’s conversation at the link below:


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