Positive Mindset = Greater Results

So, how do you make a thankless job more enjoyable and keep collectors from burning out? Debt Recovery Solutions intentionally focuses on positivity and provides motivational training for our collection team. This creates a better work atmosphere and encourages personal growth. The culture of a collection agency is essential to providing the foundation for great results. We believe in and are passionate about what we do, why we do it and how we service our clients’ placed accounts.

Our training focuses, first and foremost, on belief systems and mindsets. We believe it’s about building, understanding and growing each team member to see beyond themselves. We hit hard with the teaching of communication and how to respectfully listen, ask questions and negotiate beyond the bottom line. When our collectors have consumers thanking them for being compassionate and understanding their situation, while still getting the bill paid, we know that we are on the right track!

Connection, Compliance and Care

DRS has built a solid team that is eager to learn and passionate about what they do. But we are also mindful of HOW we accomplish that – with Connection, Compliance and Care. We believe that making sure our actions reflect this motto is what makes the DRS difference.

Connection: This is not simply a technical term. Yes, we ‘connect’ via phone, email and letters with consumers as well as our clients. But our representatives also ‘connect’ with consumers on a more personal level. They reach out and listen when a consumer has a problem paying their debt. Consumers have stated quite often that they appreciate the approach our representatives take and how they really felt like they weren’t just a number.

Compliance: When wading through the tricky minefield of consumer protection laws and keeping private information safe, you have to know what you’re doing. DRS stays on top of all new legislation as it applies to debt collection. It is very easy to slip up and end up with a lawsuit filed against you. We have protocols and procedures in place that help us prevent this. Although we have not avoided these situations completely, we take pride in the fact that they are few and far between.

Care: The staff of Debt Recovery Solutions truly do care about our clients and their consumers. Finding a way to help a consumer pay a debt that they didn’t think they could pay is rewarding. Our collectors listen to the consumers and assess the roadblocks that have prevented them from paying their debts. We also take pride in making sure that our clients are being paid for the services they provided. Our ability to find the balance that keeps both our clients and their consumers happy is something that we strive for every day.

The Rewards of Being A Problem Solver

Our collectors have a tough job – a job that could send them home in tears on a daily basis. In the wrong environment, this could be reality. But with the training and support that they are given at DRS, they find their jobs rewarding and take pride in helping consumers find ways to pay their debts. The collection team could easily be called the ‘problem solving team’. They do their jobs well and it shows with consumer satisfaction and in the revenue that we return to our clients each month.

If your office wants a great team of problem solvers working on your behalf, contact DRS today to get started!