Industries Served

Illustration of a woman in a medical practice sitting behind a desk.


We service all types of medical debt from practices and hospitals of any size. Our collection software is easily integrated with your specific medical billing software, such as Epic. We have experience with Vendor Management companies and are happy to work with your partners. Our team members are fully trained on HIPAA and HITECH guidelines and hold numerous certificates from ACA International and MDHBA for handling medical debt. You can rest assured your patients are in good hands.


DRS can collect on behalf of local governments as well. From small villages to larger municipalities and counties, we can recover unpaid fines, tickets and violations, property taxes, and utility bills.

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Private Sector

We also help private businesses of any size collect on their unpaid debts. Whether it’s bad checks from customers or unpaid invoices for services rendered, we’ll collect the money that’s owed and rightfully yours.