Keep your revenue moving forward
(and your patients happy)

Early-Out and Third-Party Collection Services that relieve staff burden and help your patients

Never spend time chasing payments again

Turn past-due accounts into

Treat your patients with

Is your current collection process…

Time-consuming for your office staff?

Ineffective in results?

Overwhelming and uncomfortable to manage?

Inconsistent in execution?

Just not working?

Here’s the bottom line – you offer a valuable service, and deserve to be paid for that service! But having a professional collections process isn’t just about your bottom line – it’s about your patients and staff.

When you partner with DRS of Ohio your patients

  • Are spoken to with kindness and compassion
  • Receive helpful guidance so they can become debt-free
  • Are treated with respect and understanding
  • Can pay towards their balance online
  • Have convenient options to easily communicate with their agent

When you partner with DRS of Ohio your staff

  • Receive essential hours back in their week to focus on current patients
  • No longer have to navigate uncomfortable conversations that they are not equipped to handle effectively
  • Can feel confident knowing they have a team of trained specialists treating your patients with compassion and care
  • No longer dread the end of the month
  • Enjoy their jobs more

Our Services

Illustration of a person with glasses on the phone behind the computer

Early-Out Services (ERS)

Our ERS program provides you and your patients an effective process to manage past-due invoices before it becomes a true collections account.

ERS offers a fully customizable program that fits your needs while relieving the burden from your staff.

Illustration of a man in a chair chatting with a woman on a laptop.

Third Party Collection Services

Our team at DRS of Ohio takes a compassionate approach to collections. We focus on working with your past-due patients to find a solution that works for everyone. 

It is our goal to help you get paid AND help your patients get out of debt!

We understand that effective collections starts with clear communication with consumers.

That’s why we use modern and traditional communication channels to find the right fit for each consumer.

Our programs utilize:


Phone Calls


Text Messages


Payment Plans


Our easy-to-use software system makes it painless to hand over information, so we can get to work for you.

How It Works


Every businesses’ needs are different from the next. That’s why we start with a conversation to understand your needs and goals to create the right program for you.


You will receive 24/7 access to our easy-to-use software so you can begin turning over accounts and we can get to work on your behalf.


Literally! Breathe easy knowing that your patients are being cared for and your cash flow is improving.

Stop spending time you don’t have chasing payments. Let us help!