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You Need Help. We Have The Solution.

We understand how much pride you take in providing an exceptional experience to your patients. That’s why we also know how frustrating it is when that patient experience suffers because your staff is spending too much valuable time chasing down non-payments.

Instead of being able to focus all of their energy on your current patients, your staff is spending their time sending out late notices and making uncomfortable phone calls to patients that you may not even ever see again because of their past due balance! All of this leaves your staff feeling stretched thin, overworked, and stressed.

Just imagine, what could you do for your current patients if you staff had the ability to give 100% of their focus and energy to the patient experience?

You don’t have to manage the burden of managing past due accounts by yourself. Let us help. 

And we promise, our staff of certified agents will treat your patients with the same respect, compassion, and fairness that they would expect from your office.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We use the ERS service to handle our payment plan accounts. This decision has freed up so much of my time and allows me. tofocus on more pressing tasks. They understand both the needs of our organization and the needs of our patients. As a result, they are able to produce results that are fair to everyone involved. The whole staff is professional and makes communication so easy, efficient and friendly. If you are spending too much time on payment plans, I highly recommend using ERS!

Tammy Bunn

Patient Account Supervisor, University Hospitals - Samaritan

We started partnering with DRS of Ohio nearly 20 years ago because, despite our best efforts, we had accumulated thousands of dollars in unpaid invoices and needed help from a professional collection agency. Since starting our partnership, DRS of Ohio has helped us collect back over 25% of our unpaid invoices, which would have been lost revenue if we had kept trying ot manage it on our own. That’s been huge for our practice! The DRS staff is patient and quick to respond to all of our questions. And we have never received a single complaint from one of our patients. We highly recommend!

Dr. Russel Kiser

Dentist, Advanced Dentistry and Dental Implant Center

Before partnering with DRS of Ohio I found myself spending at least. anhour each day trying to work on our unpaid accounts. Dealing with slow-paying or non-paying patients was stressful and incredibly time-consuming. Once we found DRS of Ohio, that burden was relieved! The staff has been. soeasy to work with and consistently helpful. What’s even more great is I’ve not had to field one complaint call from a patient about how they were treated from the DRS team. If you need any pre-collection or collection services, don’t look any farther!


Office Manager, Springfield Pediatric Dentistry

We tried managing our unpaid invoices for the first 3-4 years of our practice, and it quickly become more than we could handle. That’s when we found DRS of Ohio. The staff at DRS is so easy to work with. They’re professional, thorough, quick, and efficient in responding to any of my questions and concerns. We’ve never had a single complaint from a client we have had to turn over for collections. I absolutely trust that DRS is treating our patients well. I can’t emphasize enough the assurance I have knowing I have a team of caring professionals working with our patients. I feel treated like a person and not just another one of their clients. 


Office Manager, Cornerstone Counseling of Bellevue

You deserve a collection agency that cares about you getting paid and your patients being treated with compassion. 

What Our Clients’ Patients Are Saying

You’ve been wonderful, polite, and professional. Past agencies I’ve dealth with were brutal, but I appreciate your appraoch to it – you were as nice as you could be!

Consumer John

Regarding agent Tammie

Y’all have been pretty nice, which motivates me to work with you guys – when someone is a jerk it doesn’t motivate me to deal with it. When you treat someone like they’re human and understand crap happens, it motivates me. 

Consumer Darin

Regarding agent Bailey

You guys are really good, you try and give people time when they’re going through hardships.

Consumer Carlene

Regarding agent Sierra

Very good and helpful service – I enjoy working with you guys more than other agencies, especially Dedra – she has been great! If I had to be in collections, your company is who I want to be with. 

Consumer Nathan

Regarding agent Dedra

You informed me on something I didn’t know about so I could take care of it. DRS provided the information in a kind manner – I really appreciate it. 

Consumer May

Regarding agent Tammie

You deserve a collection agency you can trust to care for your patients.

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