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At Debt Recovery Solutions, we value what our customers have to say about us. Here are some recent testimonials.

“Debt Recovery Solutions and Early Recovery Services has been with Samaritan Hospital for over 10 years and I have worked with them for the last 6 years. As a local company that understands the community and the needs of both the clients and consumers they know how to produce results that are fair to all involved. The professionalism of the office staff makes all communication easy as they are efficient and always friendly. Working with DRS and ERS has been an enjoyable experience.”.

Tammy Bunn

Patient Accounting Supervisor, University Hospital Samaritan Medical Center

“We have been working with Debt Recovery Solutions since February of 2015.  Working with a local company vs. our previous collection agency makes the collection process so much easier and we have had much better results with the collection of accounts referred to Debt Recovery Solutions.  Their online service of sending accounts is very easy to use and communications with everyone that works at DRS has been great.  Everyone is very professional and willing to help with any circumstances concerning collection of the accounts we have to refer to them”.

Becki Kimmel

Superintendent’s Secretary, Pioneer Career and Technology Center

Beverly’s husband had passed away and it resulted in nearly $4000 of medical bills. Tammie assessed the situation, knew Beverly had no way to pay and suggested that she see if any financial aid was available to at least cover part of the bills. Beverly applied for the hospital assistance program.  Nearly all of the bills qualified through the program and Beverly was extremely grateful to have this financial and emotional burden lifted from her shoulders.

She said, ‘You are just the nicest lady to work with. Going through a situation when a spouse passes is hard, but dealing with someone like you who cares made this process so much easier!’. Beverly also said ‘Thank you so much’ to Tammie for caring enough to encourage her to fill out the financial assistance application. She said that she would not have known to apply for it without Tammie listening to her story, caring about her situation and making the kind suggestion.“.


Customer Testimonial

“Grace was working with our agent to resolve a balance of over $600 that had come to collections. She wanted to work out a payment plan. She and Tammie agreed on the payments and worked together to make sure the account did not hit her credit report. Grace said that she really liked how she was treated by Tammie because she was very nice to her. She also advised that she told her co-worker how well Debt Recovery Solutions treated her during the entire transaction.”.


Customer Testimonial