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At Debt Recovery Solutions, we value what our customers have to say about us. Here are some recent testimonials.

“Debt Recovery Solutions and Early Recovery Services has been with Samaritan Hospital for over 10 years and I have worked with them for the last 6 years. As a local company that understands the community and the needs of both the clients and consumers they know how to produce results that are fair to all involved. The professionalism of the office staff makes all communication easy as they are efficient and always friendly. Working with DRS and ERS has been an enjoyable experience.”.

Tammy Bunn

Patient Accounting Supervisor, University Hospital Samaritan Medical Center

“We have been working with Debt Recovery Solutions since February of 2015.  Working with a local company vs. our previous collection agency makes the collection process so much easier and we have had much better results with the collection of accounts referred to Debt Recovery Solutions.  Their online service of sending accounts is very easy to use and communications with everyone that works at DRS has been great.  Everyone is very professional and willing to help with any circumstances concerning collection of the accounts we have to refer to them”.

Becki Kimmel

Superintendent’s Secretary, Pioneer Career and Technology Center

I have been working with DRS for nearly 20 years. I find DRS to be a great company in terms of easy to reach call center, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and quick reimbursement for settled claims. I would highly recommend DRS to other practices.“.
Colette P.

Holmes Family Medicine

Whenever I reach out to someone at DRS, I am always met with a helpful person who handles my questions or concerns promptly and professionally. I feel confident that DRS does everything they can to collect the debt from the consumers we have to send to collections.”.
Staci R.

Cornerstone Counseling

“DRS does an excellent job with handling our accounts, communicating and responding when there are issues or concerns that need resolution. It is nice to work with a collection agency that works for us! Thank you for all that you do!”.

Cindy R.

Gastro-Intestinal Associates

“You are just the nicest lady to work with. Going through a situation when a spouse passes is hard, but dealing with someone like you who cares made this process so much easier! Thank you so much.”.

Consumer Beverly to Agent Tammie

Consumer Testimonial

“It’s been awesome – you’ve been very polite, professional and patient – I appreciate everything, you’re a help! You’re one of the nicest bill collectors I’ve spoken with.”.

Consumer Danna S. to Agent Sierra

Consumer Testimonial

“With this whole COVID mess, you guys are very helpful and kind”.

Consumer Jodi Y. to Agent Samantha

Consumer Testimonial

“The best service I’ve ever had, other agencies are garbage – you guys blow them out of the water!”.

Consumer Tyler B. to Agent Hannah

Consumer Testimonial

“Very professional service, kind agent to talk to – you guys are very easy to work with.”.

Consumer Michelle S. to Agent John

Consumer Testimonial

“You guys differ big time, there are certain other agencies I never want to deal with again – you guys are compassionate.”.

Consumer Sandra G. to Agent Samantha

Consumer Testimonial

“You were very nice, wonderful service! Better than other agencies in the past I’ve dealt with – keep being nice to people and not demanding money, you will never be disrespected there”.

Consumer Lisa C. to Agent Bailey

Consumer Testimonial

Grace was working with our agent to resolve a balance of over $600 that had come to collections. She wanted to work out a payment plan. She and Tammie agreed on the payments and worked together to make sure the account did not hit her credit report. Grace said. “I really liked how I was treated by Tammie because she was very nice!”. She also advised that she told her co-worker how well Debt Recovery Solutions treated her during the entire transaction.

Grace to Agent Tammie

Consumer Testimonial

“Everyone has been friendly, polite, and helpful even though I owe you guys money – you guys are much more willing to work with me than other agencies”.

Consumer Aprille R. to Agent Tammie

Consumer Testimonial

“So much easier than other agencies, I was happy to see it was DRS and not the other agency I dealt with – it was a nightmare”.

Consumer Christine L. to Agent Dedra

Consumer Testimonial

“I was extremely satisfied, I was even thinking of using you folks as my own collection agency for my business – you were very helpful and direct”.

Consumer Michael C. to Agent Tammie

Consumer Testimonial

“You guys aren’t rude unlike other agencies, you’re very nice, not pushy, not mean. I have no problem when you guys call”.

Consumer Tasha S. to Agent Dedra

Consumer Testimonial

“Anytime I’ve talked to anyone in your office, you’ve been pleasant and helpful”.

Consumer Shelby B. to Agent Sierra

Consumer Testimonial

“A lot more reasonable than other agencies, others aren’t so nice”.

Consumer Rachel H. to Agent John

Consumer Testimonial