There are a lot of reasons that bills go unpaid. But the reality is that if you have provided a service, you deserve to be compensated for that service. We do understand when consumers hit a financial bump or fall on hard times. DRS works diligently to help these consumers find ways to pay their bills. We understand that sometimes, consumers will need to make payments or simply have no way to pay at all. These are NOT the consumers that we deal with in the DRS Legal Department.

Account Analysis

Our collection team evaluates each account we receive and always exhaust all voluntary avenues in our attempts to collect your past due balances. This process can take several months. Once all attempts have been made with no response from your past due consumer, our agents will skim out the accounts that consumers are simply refusing to pay even though they do have a way to pay the bills. We send these accounts to our legal team to further evaluate for possible legal action. The legal department determines if we have a way to collect (either via wage garnishment or personal property lien) and even contacts the consumer again in an extra attempt to get voluntary payment and avoid legal action. When we verify that there is a solid way to legally pursue, we send you, our client, the request for legal action. You can always authorize or decline legal action on a case by case basis. The few consumers that we request legal action on will, unfortunately, pay nothing for the valuable services that you provided to them without this course of action.

Legal Assignments

Many times, when Debt Recovery Solutions requests legal action, we have several clients’ accounts to be included in the same suit. We pursue these accounts all together in an ‘assignment’ – which means you assign the account to DRS to be sued under the name ‘Debt Recovery Solutions of Ohio’ and not under your office name. So this may help you when considering the option of using our litigation services.

Weighing the Costs of Litigation

And finally, we may also request a check from you for Court Costs. If you do send us the approved legal suit authorization, the Court Costs that you paid are paid back by the consumer and you will receive those funds back once the first payments on the suit are received by our attorney’s office.

The commission that we keep on these accounts is slightly higher as we do have to pay our attorneys, but receiving a slightly smaller portion of the original balance due is always preferable to writing the balance off and never being compensated for the services you provided in good faith.

If your office has any questions about our legal process, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly answer these!