Who We Are

After years in the collection industry, I was disheartened.

Our industry had developed a well-deserved bad reputation by using underhanded tactics and lacking empathy for consumers. Quite frankly, it didn’t sit right with me.

Why would anyone use a collection agency that doesn’t treat their consumers well?

The answer: They won’t (and, they shouldn’t). 

So, we set out on a mission to do collections differently because we believe that our clients (and their consumers) deserve better.

As your collection agency, we recognize we are simply an extension of your organization.

Your success matters to us as if it were our own. But helping make sure you are paid for your services does not mean turning your brand into a bully and giving you an undesired reputation with your consumers.

You can trust that that we will treat your consumers with the same care, respect, and compassion that you yourself would

When collections is done right, your consumers feel heard and respected. Because of this, they are eager to work through their repayment plan because for the first time they feel like someone is working with them rather than trying to force them into a box. And when their debt is fully paid, they are proud and thankful. 

That’s what collections done differently looks like. 

You work hard to give your consumers a positive experience when they visit your office. That experience should extend all the way through your revenue cycle as well.

 We work hard to help you get paid and protect your reputation with your consumers.

That’s our commitment to you.

Bethany Robertson

Vice President at Debt Recovery Solutions

How We Are Putting Your Consumers First

For decades the collections process has been the same system of phone calls and letters. But times have changed dramatically, and those methods are increasingly less effective. We knew if we were going to take our commitment to our clients and consumers seriously, that meant we had to make a change to our processes too.

So, in early 2021 we switched to the most forward-thinking, innovative collection software available. In this system we can still offer the standard collection methods, but now consumers can tell us how they need to be contacted. We are able to utilize voicemail drops and call campaigns to reach consumers more effectively. If they don’t want to speak to a live agent on the phone, consumers can choose to communicate via text, email, or even our friendly chat-bot “Alex.”

Collections is no longer a one-size-fits-all process.  By using a combination of modern communication tools, we are able to meet your consumers where they are and work with them to deliver the results everyone wants.

The DRS of Ohio Leadership Team

Headshot of Bethany Robertson, Vice President of DRS of Ohio

Bethany Robertson

Vice President and Co-Founder

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Bethany co-founded DRS of Ohio in 2002 with a vision to break away from the ‘typical’ collection process. While focusing on the company core values of growth, impact, integrity, influence, and responsibility, she has done just that. Her daily commitment to leading the company and its employees in the way that DRS approaches collections is apparent in all that she does.

Bethany has overseen the development of the DRS Professional Goal Achievement Plan (PGA) which enables employees to set goals and focus on their achievement. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Mt. Vernon Nazarene College in 2017 while simultaneously running a business full time.

Her greatest joy in this life are her two beautiful adult children. Her relationships with her large immediate and extended family are extremely important to her. She has also recently begun walleye fishing at Lake Erie. While she finds the adventure of the sport exhilarating, equally rewarding are the magnificent sunrises and sunsets and the relaxation with her people while taking it all in.

Headshot of Kyler Huss, Revenue Recovery Manager of DRS of Ohio

Kyler Huss

VP of Sales and Marketing

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In the past 11 years in the collection industry, Kyler has done everything from collecting on the phone, managing the revenue recovery department, handling compliance within the company, helped implement our current network structure and has now moved into the Sales and Marketing Department as Vice President. In this role, he manages our growing client base and actively seeks new collection opportunities for the company.

Kyler earned his Professional Collection Specialist certification and also attended the Glenn Shepard School of Management Training. He also helps to maintain the DRS presence in the ever-changing world of social media.

In his free time, Kyler is an avid outdoorsman. Hunting, fishing and boating are his passion. He also loves watching The Ohio State Buckeyes play football on Saturdays in the Fall and spending time with his large, close-knit family of siblings, nieces, and nephews.

Kim Atwell

Client Care Manager

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Kim has been with DRS for 14 years. Her goal is to have a positive impact on her company, co-workers and community. She began at DRS working on the collection floor searching the ‘skip trace’ accounts. She eventually moved into the Administration Department and now works with DRS’ clients to provide a communication avenue for providing account updates, various reports and support.

Kim has worked with local organizations to develop free personal finance management resources available to DRS’ consumers and enjoys the connections she has made with like-minded, local business leaders.

In her free time, she is a reader of fiction, occasional artist, state park volunteer and avid hiker. After renovating their old Airstream in 2020, she and her husband are toying with the idea of starting a camper renovation business on the side along with a couple of members of their camping group.

Headshot of Bethany Robertson, Vice President of DRS of Ohio

John Pavlansky

Revenue Recovery Manager/Sr. Account Executive

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John maintains the workflow and system operations in the Revenue Recovery Department. He has also begun dedicating a portion of his work week to assisting in the DRS Sales Department. His energy and positive attitude both show in everything that he does.

John is driven to succeed and while working full time, has earned his real estate license in order to ensure a future of financial freedom that will allow him to travel.

John is a diehard Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Cavaliers fan and loves to spend his free time watching his favorite sports teams, working out, and spending quality time with his loved ones.

Gavin Adkins

Quality Assurance Manager/Credit and Collection Compliance Officer

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Gavin is hands-on in developing DRS’ collection software protocols. He also oversees implementation of company policies and procedures and ensures compliance to all regulations and laws that apply to the debt collection industry. In this difficult industry, he still manages to bring a compassionate and caring approach to his work, which is valued and appreciated by his co-workers.

Gavin is currently working towards a career in remote sales which will allow him to work wherever he wants, geographically. His professional goal is to gain financial freedom.

In his free time, Gavin loves spending time with friends and family, golfing, working out, and watching his beloved Cleveland sports franchises.